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masajes eroticos madrid

Your favorite erotic massage center around madrid , tantra, thai, erotic , relaxing. Come and meet us we are in the plaza castilla .
If you’ve had a crazy day , if you are estrezado and not feeling well , it’s time for you to stop by our massage center SensationsCenter and forget their problems and concerns. Extravagance and fun, plus a touch of smoldering sensuality , your body will create an unforgettable experience this and much more is what we offer with our man erotic sensual massage.

SensationsCenter massage center high end . Complete rest for VIP people , Come and relax every cell in your body , excites the spirit , with a jolt of exciting emotions, Quit the current stress for an unforgettable physical and spiritual relaxation .

In SensationsCenter offer massages at the highest level ! Beautiful girls in lingerie or naked if you prefer , offer a variety of massage techniques , they know how to take your body to the highest point of pleasure. A pleasant, enveloping help him forget everything that is not relevant to their welfare. You get a state of unsurpassed relaxation through stimulation of erógens areas throughout your body.

The ancients knew that erotic massage is not just a tool for pleasure, besides this , the method is very useful for your health, you can disconnect from stress and enjoy sensual massages to give away an experience to another level. The main thing for a quality massage , is the continuity and consistency of movements to the pleasure gradually peaking .

Another important point , this massage is complete and magnificent , that is, the process involves everything from the hands , chest , abdomen , back, legs, feet, even your erogenous zones … All these shades make it as complete and spectacular erotic massage , you’ll be ready to enjoy so much pleasure!

SensationsCenter offers guests stunning incredible emotions and moments of happiness.
Beautiful professional masseurs are fully delivered to give pleasure to our customers , they are ready to anticipate your every need , so that you are satisfied and want to return to visit us at a new opportunity.

Classical massage :
It is used to relieve pain , edema , adhesions, for fast recovery of injured tissues . Classical massage perfectly restores muscle strength, increase efficiency , strengthens ligaments and joints.

Erotic massage :
The process of obtaining a physical and emotional pleasure relaxing , charges, has beneficial effects on sexual potential, increases the possibility that the male libido.

Fundamentals and erotic massage techniques are described thousands of years ago in tantra and yoga , Chinese Tao of Love and Indian Kama Sutra. For many centuries, perfected and polished techniques and technology of this type of massage. Fantastic rich Asian erotic massage school and today is unique and matchless .
This oriental massage technique is based chustvennogo relaxation , offering guests in GoldenSPA ” Rasputin ” . Get here the energy charge of sensual massage for all, irrespective of their marital status, age and sexual experience is recommended. Trembling, deft touch of experienced masseurs to specific points on your body can achieve incredible state of happiness and contentment.

Relaxing massage massage ( erotic ) :
Combine several types of pleasures to which people are so inclined : traditional massage ( classic massage , Thai massage, and others), the contemplation of the beauty of the naked female body , watching the graceful movements of a beautiful girl, a nice chat with a girl, get Enjoy the exciting touch of a masseuse during massage and, of course , a bright memorable relax ! What else can give much pleasure at the same time . Erotic massage is the best way to relax after a hard day’s work.

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